Barbara Marino

When Barbara Elizabeth Marino was born on April 19, 1940, in Pomona, California, her father, Frank, was 29, and her mother, Elizabeth, was 25.

Her sister Cathy was born four years later, April 10 1944, and her brother Steve four years after that, November 15, 1948

Elizabeth Marino, with Barbara and baby Cathy

She went to High School in Escondido , and then to Redlands College in 1960.

She married John Henrik Fessenden in Palos Verdes, CA on February 9, 1963, when she was still 22 years, 9 months, 21 days old (8331 days), and had their first child, Christopher, born 10/30/1963 in Long Beach, CA, 8 months and 21 days later.

They then moved to Phoenix, both working in the Phoenix Symphony in 1967

In 1970, they moved back to California, and lived in North Hollywood. After the Sylmar earthquake in 1971, they moved to Sylmar in November 1972.

They birthed a new son, David, 10/1/74, who was three months premature.

In December of 1976, they moved to Northridge.

Their third son, Brian, was born 9/9/79.

In 1985, John had a fall from a highway overpass in Sylmar, and died at age 45. They had been married 22 years, 1 month, 17 days (8081 days).

On February 27, 1986, her father, Frank Marino, died at age 75

In the late 80’s, she was Brian’s chaperone, as he toured the country as Gavroshe in Les Miserables

While on tour, she rekindled a friendship with Walter Bowman.

On 3/31/91, they married, when she was 20 days shy of 51.

On January 19, 1999, her mother, Elizabeth King, died in Poway, San Diego at age 84.

Barbara and Walt traveled the world together, visiting Italy, Sicily, Spain, Panama, Canada. They lived together in Northridge until his death January 19, 2014 at age 90. They had been married 22 years, 9 months, 19 days (8330 days).

Barbara still lives in her Northridge home, with her twin passions of gardening and Horse racing.